3 tips for brand collaborations

As events organisers, we create dinners parties, drinks soirees and themed parties for our Luxe Club guests to network, socialise and connect.

For our Mayfair Networking drinks evening on Thursday 13th February at the exclusive Isabel in the heart of Mayfair, we were looking for a drinks sponsor to collaborate with.

We discovered Laplandia vodka via social media, a super premium vodka in a beautifully designed bottled with a 24k gold design.

Laplandia Super Premium vodka

Our 3 tips for collaborating with other brands are:

1. Connect with the team behind the brand

When we met with the London team behind the Laplandia vodka brand, we felt there was a great connection and it was immediate to see shared values, largely that the embodied the luxury brand they were representing.

2. Long term partnerships

We are very focused on building long term relationships with brands, and communicated this to Laplandia vodka.

As we are well connected in Mayfair, working with many luxury venues to organise events, we want to introduce our brands to our these venues as well as our guests who attend our events.

3. Social media marketing

We are very focused on social media marketing when promoting our events.

When collaborating with brands, it’s important to promote these brands alongside our marketing for the event, and tag the brand.

It creates a buzz around the collaboration in advance of the event and raises awareness of the brand to your network and followers.

Mayfair Networking drinks at Isabel

Should you like to discuss any collaborations with The Luxe Club, please email salima@theluxeclub.uk

2020: A wealth of opportunities

We at The Luxe Club are very excited to welcome 2020, a new year as well as a new decade.

Over the Christmas break, we consolidated our business of luxury events to form a social club for our network to connect and socialise in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

Only a few days into launching The Luxe Club and we’ve received requests to collaborate and grow with other like-minded luxury brands.

There is a wealth of opportunities available in the luxury market for all brands but we think the key to success is providing a service or product that is required by the market.

And we’re excited.

Social media is a tool we use every day. If we are not posting about what our business is doing, we are commenting and liking our friends and colleagues posts. It’s free to do and a small encouraging like or word on someone’s post could lead to a door opening for them or you.

Networking events are plentiful in London. We use eventbrite to search and schedule at least one a week. There really is no excuse. And we arrive early to events, talk to a few guests and say hello to the host before leaving. We are never the last to leave! It can get tiring.

Business cards are carried by us always. It’s not a case of handing them out and receiving others without action. Follow up is essential. Always remember that there are opportunities that present us daily and without action they are missed.

A wealth of opportunities are waiting for all of us and we wish you a successful year ahead! We hope to welcome you to one of our luxury events soon!

Do get in touch to discuss any collaborations as our network is over 1,400 members who are mainly UK based and high net worth.

3 networking tips learnt in 2019

Every day there’s a networking event or two taking place around London.

If I’m not hosting my own event, I’m attending other company’s events.

Networking is important to grow our connections.

After you’ve accepted an invite to attend a networking event, here are my top 3 tips to ensure you get the results you desire.

1. Introduce yourself to the host

Treat the networking event as you would a friend’s party.

Say hello to the host and introduce yourself, your company and thank them for hosting the event. No-one wants a sales pitch immediately on introduction! It’s off putting.

The host may then be kind enough to introduce you to nearby guests or you may politely excuse yourself and start to network.

2. Video and photos for Social media

It’s important to support the event you are attending and an effective (and free) way is to take videos and photos of the event.

An image or video is worth a thousand words!

And Instagram or linked is a great place to to share these, again tagging the event organisers and certain key people you met and would be interested in pursuing as good connections.

These posts may be shared by others and reach a far wider audience than just your network and shows you support and appreciate attending that event.

Doors may also open for other invitations to such events.

3. Follow up

All business cards picked up at the event should be followed up.

Email is the most professional way but more often these days, Whatsapp is an informal yet effective way to connect following an event.

A coffee should be arranged in the diary shortly after to seize the opportunities to discuss what was touched on when you initially met.

As we come to the end of the year, most of our networking events should be ending.

Take time to recharge, relax and reflect on the year passed and I hope we can connect in 2020, either at my networking events or the many others taking place every day.

Happy Christmas and wishing you all a prosperous New Year.

Best wishes,

Salima Manji

How I tripled my income: 3 tips for success

I’ve been in the events industry for over 11 years. It’s been an exciting rollercoaster of very high highs and lows to bring me to where I am today.

So where am I today? I’m able to focus on only a couple of events per month which brings me more income than 4-5 events I was hosting up until a year ago.

And fewer events have generated more income.

It’s allowed me to spend more time with loved ones, travel more and lead a happier life.

How has this all been possible? I want to share with you my 3 tips which have contributed to my success:

Limiting time on social media

I’ve always enjoyed posting on social media and sharing my life with my followers.

But I used to spend too many hours scrolling through others accounts and felt my time was being wasted.

So I limited my time to one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening to respond to private messages and comments.

Interaction with followers is important but shouldn’t be consuming your precious time.

Professional photography

I invested in the services of a professional photographer who’s remit was to enhance my personal brand which stands for luxury and style.

Shot at five star hotels around Mayfair and Knightsbridge was in keeping with where I host my events.

Friendly, approachable images of me were needed to reflect my personality as potential clients would then feel comfortable that the person behind the brand was in alignment with the luxury events the corporate brand organises.

The comments from my followers on the new images, the new followers I gained and the more enquiries for work I received following these new images vastly contributed to my tripling of income this year.


I’ve always worked in small teams to organise events and shied away from collaborations with other event organisers to produce bigger and more profitable events.

Once I realised this was not serving me well, I decided to try a collaboration with a trustee company for a themed party a few months ago.

The company opened my eyes to their methods of working. In particular, how to negotiate welcome drinks with potential sponsors so they see a benefit working with you will enhance and promote their brand.

The collaboration was a success, both financially and personally as I learnt so much.

I look forward to another joint event with the same company in 2020!

Working smarter is essentially the key to my success. I hope you’ve found my insights useful and I look forward to welcoming you to a networking or social event soon.

Wishing you a successful day.

All my best,

Salima Manji

Founder of Luxe Lunches

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My first job after graduation: 3 things I learnt

What seems like a lifetime away when I graduated from Queen Mary University London, in Business Economics, it was a recession in the UK.

We were advised by our tutors and careers advisors to further our education as it would be really difficult to secure the Banking job I wished for.

So I was lucky to be offered a place at Price Waterhouse Coopers and I embarked on a three year professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant.

Once qualified, I was blessed to start my Banking career at a prestigious investment bank.

The three things I learnt soon after starting my “dream” career was:

Time management

Accountancy firms have timesheets which you must complete weekly and be accountable for your time.

Essentially whichever client you are working on is billed for the time you spent preparing their accounts.

This made me aware of time management and to this day, as an entrepreneur, the 24 hours in the day I don’t waste. En route to clients, I’m multi tasking.

I figure out the quickest way to get to a client so minimising time spent travelling. This quickest way (taxi or Uber) May be more expensive but if arrive quickly I have more time to work on other clients or more downtime to spend with family.

Personal appearance

Early on in my career I noticed how Senior management seemed to exude an air of confidence in their manner.

Initially I though this was due to their years of experience compared to myself. But I soon realised that although they had more experience than me, their outward appearance certainly contributed to the look of success and the way the clients treated them.

As an entrepreneur, who works from home, I still make it a necessity to dress professionally and whether my meeting is in a coffee shop or a five star hotel, I’m polished and smart at all times.

Working smart

There are often a few ways to achieve an outcome. Working in Banking where my time was accountable taught me to worker smarter. What does this actually mean though? To me it was not to find shortcuts which would look unprofessional to my seniors.

We have many apps which can make our jobs easier from WhatsApp groups to discuss ideas and make plans to social media like Instagram which allows us to direct message potential clients/customers instead of writing letters and posting.

Using the technology available helps me as an entrepreneur complete multiple tasks in a fraction of the time it could take.

I hope my insights have proved useful to you. I look forward to welcoming you to one of my networking lunches or drinks soon.

Networking: So what do you do?

It’s one of the first questions you’re asked when you attend any networking event. Right?

So what do you do? Can you summarise in a few words what you do without dominating the whole conversation?

In 2018, our focus was on promoting up-and-coming fashion, jewellery designers and accessories designer through pop-ups in Mayfair.

“Luxury pop-ups” in summary.

Nothing more to add, unless of course we were asked. The person asking always understood immediately and the conversation moved to what they did and if we could assist each other.

It really is vital to take time out and reflect on what exactly you do in your career and be able to articulate this in a few words. Clarity for the person asking and of course clarity to you!

Since September 2018, our focus has changed.

We set up Luxe Lunches Club to connect other professionals and entrepreneurs and friends at chic drinks and lunches in Mayfair.

“Luxury networking events in Mayfair” is what we do now and we have connected over 500 stylish guests over the past 8 months.

We would love to invite you to join us on Wednesday 5 June from 18.30 at our next networking drinks in Mayfair.


We would love to invite you to connect

Why Mayfair?

When selecting a location for our networking evenings, some may ask: “Why Mayfair?”

A moments walk from Green Park station, Mayfair is not only central but home to many exclusive bars, restaurants and exclusive Private Members Clubs.

Morton’s Club, situated on Berkeley Square in Mayfair between the Bentley and Porsche car showrooms is a Private Members Club and where we love to invite our network to socialise and network after work.

This Wednesday 15 May from 19.00 we will be bringing together a select group of professionals from Finance and Property to Fashion and Jewellery.

We have also booked a table in the wonderful restaurant at Morton’s for those who enjoy networking over great food.

Only a limited number of spaces are available before we finalised the guest list. Do RSVP using the link if you would like to join us this Wednesday from 19.00 in Mayfair!