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How I tripled my income: 3 tips for success

I’ve been in the events industry for over 11 years. It’s been an exciting rollercoaster of very high highs and lows to bring me to where I am today. So where am I today? I’m able to focus on only a couple of events per month which brings me more income than 4-5 events I was hosting up until a year ago. And fewer … Read More How I tripled my income: 3 tips for success

My first job after graduation: 3 things I learnt

What seems like a lifetime away when I graduated from Queen Mary University London, in Business Economics, it was a recession in the UK. We were advised by our tutors and careers advisors to further our education as it would be really difficult to secure the Banking job I wished for. So I was lucky to be offered a place at Price Waterhouse Coopers … Read More My first job after graduation: 3 things I learnt

Networking: So what do you do?

It’s one of the first questions you’re asked when you attend any networking event. Right? So what do you do? Can you summarise in a few words what you do without dominating the whole conversation? In 2018, our focus was on promoting up-and-coming fashion, jewellery designers and accessories designer through pop-ups in Mayfair. “Luxury pop-ups” in summary. Nothing more to add, unless of course … Read More Networking: So what do you do?

Why Mayfair?

When selecting a location for our networking evenings, some may ask: “Why Mayfair?” A moments walk from Green Park station, Mayfair is not only central but home to many exclusive bars, restaurants and exclusive Private Members Clubs. Morton’s Club, situated on Berkeley Square in Mayfair between the Bentley and Porsche car showrooms is a Private Members Club and where we love to invite our … Read More Why Mayfair?