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Mindset for success: 3 ways to achieve your goals

When friends say “You’re so lucky” in relation to my career progression, I’m reluctant to agree. I contribute my success not to luck. I was born into a working class family and have become self-made not through luck. So how is it that I’m currently in Dubai, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful heat and luxurious hotels, restaurants and spas? In one word: mindset. A … Read More Mindset for success: 3 ways to achieve your goals

3 tips for networking effectively

It’s been 11 years since I’ve been connecting people in London. It’s my passion. As an Events organiser, I create the right ambiance to make networking easy for my guests and this involves choosing the right venue in the right location. My events are close to public transportation links so no-one arrives late and flustered! Mayfair has always been my favourite area in London … Read More 3 tips for networking effectively

Wimbledon: Network and Socialise

In one week, 1st July to be precise, Wimbledon commences. It is one of oldest tennis tournaments, and regarded by many as the most prestigious. We are excited for Wimbledon. Not only as tennis fans but for the numerous networking opportunities available for the entire month. Whether your Company entertains key clients in the Corporate Hospitality areas or arranges a drinks evening or dinner … Read More Wimbledon: Network and Socialise

Connecting and networking: working lunches

In the 80s and some of the 90s, most deals were struck over three/four hour lunches at chic establishments in the City and Mayfair. Following the banking crisis in the late 90s, long working lunches were mostly frowned upon and replaced by Pret sandwiches to go. Fast forward to 2018, Luxe Lunches brings back the Michelin-star lunches to ladies keen to connect and network … Read More Connecting and networking: working lunches