3 benefits of pop-up shops

Over the past year, my local high street in Fulham has seen many shop closures, often from small brands who could not afford the rents.

Sometimes, these empty shops become pop-up shops, temporary boutiques for a week, a month or even longer.

There are many benefits to brands showcasing their collections at pop-up shops:


Sharing the cost of a space not only saves a brand money but when you bring similar brands together, you create a boutique and offer customers choice.

  • 2. Brand awareness
  • You’ve left your career in Finance and set up a fashion brand and want to put this brand in front of potential customers. A pop-up allows you to do exactly this. Samples of your collection can be produced and displayed, allowing customers to give you invaluable feedback (and encouragement if they express a love for your brand)
    • 3. Collaborations
  • Bringing a few brands connects you to other entrepreneurs and can encourage brands who compliment each other to collaborate. Showcasing complimentary products together provides the customer with a bigger vision which may benefit both brands.
  • Luxury Designers Club have been organising luxury pop-ups in Mayfair and Knightsbridge, creating mini boutiques with fashion, jewellery and accessories designers.
  • Our next pop-up is on Thursday 5 December at the chic Bulgari Hotel (Nolita Social) and we hope you’ll attend a meet some incredible designers.
  • London Fashion Week 2019

    The up-and-coming fashion, jewellery and accessories designers showcasing at this year’s London Fashion Week pop-up are incredible.

    We bring these luxury designers together in a Central London venue, Nolita Social, the chic lounge and bar within the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge.

    The date to save is Tuesday 17 September. Doors open at 11am. Join us for a coffee or tea, browse the designers collection and more importantly, meet the designers.

    To add to this unique shopping experience, we have a special Ladies Lunch organised at Sette restaurant on the ground floor where you can socialise with ladies over a fabulous three course lunch.

    Admission to the pop-up is free.

    To join for lunch, please email info@luxelunches.co.uk

    Luxe Lunches | Connecting ladies over champagne, naturally

    We all need to network. To make new connections which may lead to new business.

    But more often than not, with so many networking opportunities taking place in every city around the world, and limited by time, we are being selective.

    When we were looking for female only networking events in chic venues in Mayfair, we struggled a little.

    It was at this point Luxe Lunches was born: to connect ladies together over a Champagne lunch every month in Mayfair. And we’ve been inundated by ladies wanting to join us, so much so that our first lunch in September is nearly full.

    So we are now looking ahead to October and will share with you details very soon.

    In the meantime, if you’d like to take the last couple of spaces, do book here Luxe Lunches

    Wishing you all a successful week of selective networking. Cheers!

    The Power of Social Media | 3 tips to increase your online presence

    We have all heard of the powers of social media and as much as we may fight it, its better to embrace it.

    Our meetings with new designers wanting to showcase their collections at our pop-ups all start with “what’s you Instagram account name (or “handle”)

    We look at the number of followers they have, their content, their engagement.

    Occasionally though, we come across new brands who’ve not yet set up their Instagram account. And this is a missed opportunity. To reach out to potential customers, stylists, press, buyers and market your brand to them.

    So here’s our top 3 tips for increasing your online presence if you’re a new fashion, jewellery or accessories designer:

    1. Content

    Post images of your collection daily using professional images.

    It’s worth hiring a photographer for a day and selecting a location that represents your brand. If it’s luxury, then consider a five star hotel lobby or suite. Or a Private Members Club.

    We absolutely love Home House Private Members Club in Central London for its spectacular interiors and of course their staircase.

    2. Hashtags

    Use relevant #hashtags which act as search words and increases the visibility of your posts.

    We often search for “luxury” or “designers” and discover brands which would be hard to find if they had not used hashtags in their post.

    3. Location

    Always tag your location in the post as often people search city’s “London” or be specific in your search such as “Mayfair”.

    Wishing you all a successful day and do follow us on Instagram, FB or Twitter!


    The Best of British: emerging designers showcasing in Sept

    When Luxury Designers Club was formed, our aim was clear: to support new designers in fashion, jewellery and accessories through luxury pop-ups.

    We were open to international designers who wanted to test the UK market as well as new British designers wanting to showcase their collections.

    It’s been surprising and exciting to have seen so much British talent in the last few months which we are excited to share with you in our next event in September 2018.

    Although this is a shopping event for our network of professionals and friends from the UK, we would be delighted to invite buyers of small or large stores in the UK and worldwide.

    Especially as our show is during London Fashion Week when major buyers are in London.

    For details, and to book your free ticket please visit Luxury Designers Club

    Passion for Fashion

    This week has been incredible! We have the best “job”.

    We’ve been meeting some exceptionally talented designers with a passion for fashion which is clear from seeing their collections.

    Putting a show together which such talent is exciting and we hope you’ll “save the date” and join us on Tuesday 18 September and show your support to up-and-coming designers in fashion, jewellery and accessories.

    If you have a new brand and are interested in showcasing with us, do connect with us on social media @luxurydesignersclub or email info@ldc-events.com

    British designers: supporting new businesses

    Having recently started organising Luxury pop-ups in London, we’ve been so excited to hear from and meet such talented designers from the UK.

    Some of these designers started their careers in Finance, Engineering, Law…but yearned to be more creative and have started following their passion for fashion, jewellery or accessories designing.

    We are excited to meet these new designers over the forthcoming weeks and showcase their collections either at our September show, during London Fashion Week, at the five star St James’s Hotel or in November at Home House Private Members Club.

    If you’re interested in showcasing your new collection with us, please email us for more details.


    London Fashion Week: 14-18 September

    As a new Fashion Designer, you will want to raise the profile of your brand and be part of this exciting four day annual event in London.

    You will hope a buyer or two discovers your unique collection that you’ve been so passionate about for years.

    But to participate during LFW is a huge financial commitment and often a daunting experience for small brands.

    The Luxury Designers Club supports new designers and gives them the opportunity to showcase their fashion, jewellery and accessories collections for one day only during London Fashion Week.

    On Tuesday 18 September we have exclusive use of the elegant Mayfair Suits at the five star St James’s Hotel and Club which will showcase 10 new designers we are currently choosing.

    To be part of this one day event, do contact us as we would love to hear from you.

    Email: info@ldc-events.com

    Luxury pop-ups: the Best of new British designers

    A carefully curated pop-up bringing together new designers you can’t find in stores.

    Fashion, jewellery, accessories and beauty brands we have hand-picked for their uniqueness AND British.

    The Luxury Fair is only two weeks away.

    Save the date: Wednesday 27 June

    Free to attend but booking is required so click here to RSVP.