What seems like a lifetime away when I graduated from Queen Mary University London, in Business Economics, it was a recession in the UK.

We were advised by our tutors and careers advisors to further our education as it would be really difficult to secure the Banking job I wished for.

So I was lucky to be offered a place at Price Waterhouse Coopers and I embarked on a three year professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant.

Once qualified, I was blessed to start my Banking career at a prestigious investment bank.

The three things I learnt soon after starting my “dream” career was:

Time management

Accountancy firms have timesheets which you must complete weekly and be accountable for your time.

Essentially whichever client you are working on is billed for the time you spent preparing their accounts.

This made me aware of time management and to this day, as an entrepreneur, the 24 hours in the day I don’t waste. En route to clients, I’m multi tasking.

I figure out the quickest way to get to a client so minimising time spent travelling. This quickest way (taxi or Uber) May be more expensive but if arrive quickly I have more time to work on other clients or more downtime to spend with family.

Personal appearance

Early on in my career I noticed how Senior management seemed to exude an air of confidence in their manner.

Initially I though this was due to their years of experience compared to myself. But I soon realised that although they had more experience than me, their outward appearance certainly contributed to the look of success and the way the clients treated them.

As an entrepreneur, who works from home, I still make it a necessity to dress professionally and whether my meeting is in a coffee shop or a five star hotel, I’m polished and smart at all times.

Working smart

There are often a few ways to achieve an outcome. Working in Banking where my time was accountable taught me to worker smarter. What does this actually mean though? To me it was not to find shortcuts which would look unprofessional to my seniors.

We have many apps which can make our jobs easier from WhatsApp groups to discuss ideas and make plans to social media like Instagram which allows us to direct message potential clients/customers instead of writing letters and posting.

Using the technology available helps me as an entrepreneur complete multiple tasks in a fraction of the time it could take.

I hope my insights have proved useful to you. I look forward to welcoming you to one of my networking lunches or drinks soon.

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