I often get asked “How do I grow my followers?” On social media, if you have a handful of followers, your brand may be overlooked by potential customers.

My 3 tips for effective social media marketing which will grow your followers are:

    Be authentic

Tell people about you, how you set up your brand. Your failures as well as your successes make you more relatable to others that just the best parts of your career.

Not every caption should be an inspirational quote . Give some thought to a caption that tells a story about the brand, or yourself as the face of the brand.

    Content is key

Your content you are posting should be a mix of special offers for your customers, leading them to the link in your bio to book or read more about the offer.

If you’re on Instagram, stories are a great way to talk and engage with your followers through polls or questions.

Use stories daily and you will see how your followers will grow!

    Engage with followers

When followers comment on your Linked in posts or Instagram/Facebook posts, you should reply or at least like.

That interaction is critical as it encourages your followers to interact on other posts and may finally lead to a sale.

Now more than ever, potential employers will look at our social media pages so it is critical to invest your time and money on posting professional content .

My biggest investment is in professional photos of my brand. If you need advise, please feel free to drop me an email.

I hope to welcome you to one of my networking events soon.

Website: Luxe Lunches

Email: Salima@ldc-events.com

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