Over the past year, my local high street in Fulham has seen many shop closures, often from small brands who could not afford the rents.

Sometimes, these empty shops become pop-up shops, temporary boutiques for a week, a month or even longer.

There are many benefits to brands showcasing their collections at pop-up shops:


Sharing the cost of a space not only saves a brand money but when you bring similar brands together, you create a boutique and offer customers choice.

  • 2. Brand awareness
  • You’ve left your career in Finance and set up a fashion brand and want to put this brand in front of potential customers. A pop-up allows you to do exactly this. Samples of your collection can be produced and displayed, allowing customers to give you invaluable feedback (and encouragement if they express a love for your brand)
    • 3. Collaborations
  • Bringing a few brands connects you to other entrepreneurs and can encourage brands who compliment each other to collaborate. Showcasing complimentary products together provides the customer with a bigger vision which may benefit both brands.
  • Luxury Designers Club have been organising luxury pop-ups in Mayfair and Knightsbridge, creating mini boutiques with fashion, jewellery and accessories designers.
  • Our next pop-up is on Thursday 5 December at the chic Bulgari Hotel (Nolita Social) and we hope you’ll attend a meet some incredible designers.
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