It’s been 11 years since I’ve been connecting people in London. It’s my passion.

As an Events organiser, I create the right ambiance to make networking easy for my guests and this involves choosing the right venue in the right location.

My events are close to public transportation links so no-one arrives late and flustered! Mayfair has always been my favourite area in London for this reason, as well as it being a more luxurious area of London!

A lounge bar which is chic and not to large is also important to successful networking, and Morton’s Private Members Club has a discreet lounge bar which has always worked for my guests to create new contacts.

So my top 3 tips for effective networking are:

  1. Presentation: It’s tiring to hear this but it’s true. First impressions count. So a well-fitting suit, smart shoes and a great scent will always be noted! We want to do business with someone who not only acts professionally but looks well put together.
  2. Listen: It’s more important to listen when connecting with a potential client than to talk a lot. When you listen you learn more about the other person, what they do, how their day has been, any issues they had during the day which your business or services may be able to assist with. If you can provide a benefit to that person, you then have the perfect opportunity to soft-sell your services. No hard sell! A simple swap of business cards would be a good conclusion before you both circulate the room.
  3. Follow up: You finish the networking event with 3-4 business cards. The next day is critical to follow up with an email and a suggestion to meet for coffee to discuss ways to collaborate or assist the potential client. Suggest a few dates and times and work to secure a meeting as soon as possible.

Networking is essential to all professionals and when done correctly, will bring new clients and business to you.

Wishing you all a successful week and hope to welcome you to one of my networking events soon.

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