We have all heard of the powers of social media and as much as we may fight it, its better to embrace it.

Our meetings with new designers wanting to showcase their collections at our pop-ups all start with “what’s you Instagram account name (or “handle”)

We look at the number of followers they have, their content, their engagement.

Occasionally though, we come across new brands who’ve not yet set up their Instagram account. And this is a missed opportunity. To reach out to potential customers, stylists, press, buyers and market your brand to them.

So here’s our top 3 tips for increasing your online presence if you’re a new fashion, jewellery or accessories designer:

1. Content

Post images of your collection daily using professional images.

It’s worth hiring a photographer for a day and selecting a location that represents your brand. If it’s luxury, then consider a five star hotel lobby or suite. Or a Private Members Club.

We absolutely love Home House Private Members Club in Central London for its spectacular interiors and of course their staircase.

2. Hashtags

Use relevant #hashtags which act as search words and increases the visibility of your posts.

We often search for “luxury” or “designers” and discover brands which would be hard to find if they had not used hashtags in their post.

3. Location

Always tag your location in the post as often people search city’s “London” or be specific in your search such as “Mayfair”.

Wishing you all a successful day and do follow us on Instagram, FB or Twitter!


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