We are in a world of “click and buy”.

Online shopping from the comfort of your home, office or poolside has never been so easy.

New designers build their online shop but sometimes don’t have the budget to market their websites so customers can easily find them.

Luxury Designers Club was formed to support these brands. In particular. Fashion, Jewellery, Accessories and Beauty brands.

Our team have hand-picked the most desirable brands we have discovered and are excited to showcase them at our Boutique show on Wednesday 27 June at Washington Mayfair Hotel.

The Luxury Fair gives your the opportunity to meet the designers, see their collections and buy.

Take a goodie bag home too filled with gorgeous items!

And it’s free to attend. So please join us for one day only from 10.30-7pm on Wednesday 27 June.

Website for more details: Luxury Fair

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